Rachel Totten, MSW, EMDR Certified Therapist & Consultant in Training

“I’m not your average therapist. My clients connect with me when they are ready to go deep, get real, and resolve their stuff.  They change.  They find happiness, a sense of peace, and confidence within themselves.  They do not stay in therapy forever.”


Types of Clients I Work Well With:

  • High-achieving women who live with anxiety and strive for perfection who often experience a paradox of external success and internal unrest, driven by a relentless quest to meet exceedingly high self-imposed standards. 
  • Individuals with persistent difficulties in their personal relationships, often not realizing that the root cause may lie in attachment trauma. Issues may manifest as fears of intimacy, chronic relationship difficulties, or maladaptive coping mechanisms.
  • Couples struggling with issues such as chronic conflict, emotional distance, or infidelity.
  • Parents who are actively reparenting themselves by choosing to parent their children in a manner distinct from their own upbringing, often as a means to heal past attachment traumas and create a more secure emotional foundation for both generations.

I’m Not The Right Fit For Clients Who:

  • Are not ready to change
  • Are not open to exploring how their maladaptive behaviors, which once served them, are likely no longer helping them in meeting their goals
  • Need a therapist to ask “and how does that make you feel” (because I don’t say that)
  • Those seeking mere endorsement without authenticity. I prioritize genuine collaboration over superficial agreement.

What You Can Expect From Working with Me:

  • Direct Communication Style
  • Insatiable Need to Be Curious: To ask the questions and make the connections to get a better understanding of why you do what you do
  • If You Engage in Our Work: You will change AND You won’t be in therapy forever 
  • You’re not Alone.  If something comes up between sessions that is distressing my clients have access to emergency appointments.  And even if we realize we are not a good fit or if my therapy style is not working we’ll make a plan for next steps.
  • Continuous Growth: Because I expect my clients to engage in intense work for personal and emotional growth, I strategically place myself in learning situations that compel me to grow both professionally and personally, thereby enriching the therapeutic relationship and enhancing its transformative potential.


Now, more than ever we don’t have the time to be held to the traditional structure of therapy.  The therapy community is evolving.  We no longer have to heal in traditional office settings with huge disruptions to our daily lives. Our work is all conducted remotely unless otherwise arranged. We work together to push the limits and stretch your perspective.

You have the ability to heal old wounds, make new habits, and live the life you want to live.  My style is to not hold you back but push you to grow.  As your therapist, I balance being direct, holding accountability and intense empathy as you plant the seeds for growth.

Experiencing change can be challenging and scary. It can be downright anxiety producing.  Together we work through all the negative, scary stuff so you can get to the other side.  At no point in the process are you alone. But the reality is, as humans, we will stay the same unless the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of changing.  By the time you reach out to me, I realize the scale has tipped. It is no longer sustainable for you to stay the same.

I use EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) attachment based ego state “parts work” as my primary method to support clients in working through the obstacles that are holding them back. I have specialized training in Recent Traumatic Events Protocol and Group Traumatic Episode Protocol. I was trained in EMDR in 2019, Certified in 2021 and approved for EMDRIA Consultant in Training in 2022.  I receive ongoing consultation from Deany Laliotis with The Center for Excellence in EMDR Therapy.  Through ongoing training and consultation, I help women and families move through anxiety, depression, PTSD, postpartum anxiety, postpartum depression and birth trauma.  Together we rewrite the negative scripts and narratives that are not allowing you to move forward.

There is an art to providing EMDR therapy to ensure that you can continue to move throughout your daily routine with little disturbance.  I reflect on my own demands of being a parent, experiencing two high risk pregnancies, managing type 1 diabetes, being a business owner, and community volunteer to pace your work in a way that is balanced and oriented towards change.  In the Vermont community, I lead Vermont Counseling Network supporting therapists and connecting clients to available therapists throughout the state. Offering my support to these groups helps grow and strengthen our mental health resources and community.

There are several opportunities for you to connect with me and begin the process of transforming your life.  We can work together with EMDR in extended individual, intensive or adjunct pacing.  I offer EMDR therapy to individuals and couples physically located in Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, North Carolina, and South Carolina.   Are you committed to diving deep and transforming? If you’re prepared to step beyond familiar bounds and elevate your therapeutic journey send me a message or schedule a Discovery Call.

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